Monday, 8 March 2021

Super Singer 8 VOTE Disney Plus Hotstar App | Login Voting for Contestants

Super Singer 8 VOTE Hotstar App download: You can vote till Tuesday 12pm( afternoon) - each day 50 votes. So please do vote for me. All of this means a lot to me. This is a huge opportunity for me and it would mean the world to be able to continue in the competition. Please do log on to Hotstar and vote for me. The Nominated Unsafe Contestants who are in Danger Zone will be go through the Voting Phase and Based on Public Voting Super Singer 8 Contestants will be eliminated.


Voting starts at 11pm today.

Super Singer VOTE | Hotstar App Login | How to Vote

Step 1 - Download Or Upgrade the Hotstar app

Step 2 - Open and Login with your phone number. (You need not pay for this)

Step 3 - Find Super Singer in the search bar and now click on the Vote button. (It will appear at the red marked area)

Step 4 - Click on the name KABHINI MITHRA

Step 5 - Click on the SUBMIT button.

Step 6 - Your vote has to be submitted.

Note: You can vote 50 times in a day and the voting option will be available for 3 days. So you can cast 150 votes. There are some links for the unofficial poll which will not affect or submit to the official voting results. We need to vote in the hotstar app for our votes to be counted in the official results.

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