Thursday 16 June 2022

Super Singer Junior 8 VOTE for Trinita, Neha, Krishang, Rihana

Super Singer Junior 8 Vote: The most popular Vijay Television‘s Super Singer Junior season 8 has kick-started in December 2021. Top 4 Finalists of Super Singer Junior 8 have been selected. You can Vote for your favorite contestants online using Disney+ Hotstar mobile app. Super Singer Junior 8 Voting Lines are open.

super singer junior 8 voting

During the semi-finals of Super Singer Junior 8, four rivals have been good to perform in Grand Finale. Trinita is the first person who secured her place in the tests. Now, have a look at the other finalists who are selected and performing in a grand finale episode. We have mentioned the Super Singer 8 Finalists Names below. Vote and Support your favorite contestant by disney plus hotstar voting method.

Super Singer VOTE | Hotstar App Login | How to Vote

Step 1 - Download Or Upgrade the Hotstar app

Step 2 - Open and Login with your phone number. (You need not pay for this)

Step 3 - Find Super Singer in the search bar and now click on the Vote button. (It will appear at the red marked area)

Step 4 - Click on the name 'Your Favorite Contestant Name'

Step 5 - Click on the SUBMIT button.

Step 6 - Your vote has to be submitted.

Note: You can vote 50 times in a day and the voting option will be available for 3 days. So you can cast 150 votes. There are some links for the unofficial poll which will not affect or submit to the official voting results. We need to vote in the hotstar app for our votes to be counted in the official results.

Trinita Followed by Neha Girish, Krishang and Rihana have delivered their stylish and directly made her spot for the tests of Super Singer 8 inferiors 2022. Afina and Srimathi are in the peril zone and appear for public voting for their way to the tests.

Trinita - Team Rowdy Baby - Finalist
Neha Girish - Team Don Dada - Finalist
Krishang - Team Rowdy Baby - Finalist
Rihana - Team Don Dada - Finalist

The telecast date of the SSJ8 grand finale is 26th June 2022 on Vijay Television. Who is your favorite Super Singer Junior 8 contestant finalist? show your love by submitting vote on Disney plus hotstar app.


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