Tuesday 6 February 2018

Super Singer Junior Vote, Online Voting Season 6, Vijay TV 2018 Show

Super Singer Junior Season 6 Singing Reality Show winning the Hearts of Viewers on Vijay Television as Top Notch Talented Singers Competing with Each Other to Win the Ultimate Title of Super Singer. Here is How to Vote for your favorite Singer. Go to Google and Search for Super Singer Vote or Super Singer Voting Terms. Each Week, The List of Nominated Contestants will be Prompted in a List. See Who are Nominated and Eliminated Contestants as well.


The viewer not be charged in the Google Voting Mechanism to case the vote, however there will be cost levied, at the applicable rate, by the network provider for using internet connection which should be checked by the viewer at his/her sole responsibility

The votes, for each of the episode, should be casted only during the timelines, as more particularly mentioned in Rule 4 of Principal Voting Rules and Regulations. Votes casted after the timelines, shall not be considered and shall be deemed null and void

Judges – Shankar Mahadevan, KS Chitra, SPB Charan, Kalpana Raghavendar
Host – Priyanka Deshpande, Ma Ka Pa Anand

Super Singer 6 Talented Contestants 

1)Gunal 2) Mirlani 3) Harsha 4) Drishya 5) Lehasri 6) Anushya 7) Suriya Anand 8) Nikhil  9) Anand Bairavsharma 10) Aishwarya 11) Teju 12) Ahana 13) Srinivas 14) Rithik 15) Gokila Priya 16) Vishalini 17) Dhanush 18) Dharshini 19) Vidhyarupini 20)  Poovaiya (Guppies) Participated in a Show

Super Singer Vote, Google Voting Mechanism: 

(i) To cast his /her Vote for their favorite Contestant, the Viewers shall during the Period ,

(ii) log on to www.google.co.in and sign in to their google account and in the Google Search Page, type the following Keyword- ‘Super Singer Vote’ and by following the instructions specified therein (“Vote:”)

(iii) It is clarified that a Viewer can vote only 50(fifty) times for his Google ID. The Viewer can split his votes for the Nominated Contestant(s) simultaneously.

(iv) For sake of clarity before Voting the Viewer shall be mandatorily required to fill in some personal details (for eg : age, country of residence, email - email ID ) –(“Personal Information”).etc) (“Personal Information”). Any unclear/incorrect/incomplete information, including but not limited to typing wrong characters shall be considered invalid and deemed null and void. For the avoidance of doubt, by submitting the Votes the Viewer(s) is representing that the entry or contents thereof are not confidential or comprise any sensitive personal information

(v) The Vote of the Viewer(s) through the Internet will be deemed to be received when the session is completed and the Viewer receives a thank you message.

(vi) If any costs are incurred by the Viewer to participate in the voting process shall be solely borne by the Viewer.

(vii) Votes received by VTPL after Period will not be considered and shall be deemed null and void without requirement of any further intimation by VTPL.

Super Singer 6 Nominated Contestants 

Dharshini, Mirlahni Nominated for the First week on 12th November 2018

Super Singer 6 Elimination - To be revealed 

Keep Watching Super Singer Season 6 Every Sunday 7 PM on Vijay Television Channel. Vote and Support your Favorite Singer by Using Google Voting System. Go to the google.co.in and type Super Singer Vote or Super Singer voting then you can do upto 50 Votes.

Log in To your Google Account by Gmail Email ID and Password. Then you Can Submit the Vote for the one who you really cares about.

Voting Lines - Voting Starts on Sunday, 8.30 PM and ends on 9 AM Tuesday.
Who's Your Favorite Super Singer? Comment Below!

Keep Voting and Supporting!!

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