Tuesday 6 February 2018

Super Singer 6 Contestants, Nomination, Elimination Names 2018, Pics List

Super Singer Season 6 Vijay TV Reality Show Contestants Started Performing their best and now it's time for the Nomination and Elimination in a Show. See Who are the Nominated Singers on Super Singer 6 and who are the eliminated.

The contestants include Ajay Krishna, Anirudh, Aparna, Ashwin, Greeshma, Jayanthi, Keshav Vinodh, Malavika, Mohammad Nasser, Praveen, Rajalakshmi, Sakthi, Senthil Ganesh, Sireesha, Sreekanth, Sri Devi, Srilakshmi, Sudharshan, Sunny and VijiVinay. The first one-on-one battle was conducted over the weekend between Ashwin Sharma and Ajay Krishna,Sreelakshmi and Rakshita, Sireesha and Aparna , Sudarshan and Sunny and Viji & Senthil Ganesh.

Unni Krishnan, Anuradha Sriram, Swetha Mohan, Benny Dayal are the Judges of the Show who are set to hunt the best singing talnet in a show.

Super Singer 6 Nomination (4th February 2018) - Sunny & Vijay Nominated


Super Singer 6 Elimination - To Be Revealed

The show will be aired at 7 pm on weekends. Voting begins on Sunday at 8.30 pm and ends on 9 am on Tuesday. Each contestant can cast up to 50 votes every day.

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