Wednesday 23 September 2020

Star Jalsha Super Singer Vote: SMS Short Code, Number for Online Voting 2020

Star Jalsha Super Singer VOTE 2020: Star Jalsha Super Singer Popular Choice Award is going to be decided by the votes viewers going to for for their favorite contestant. 6 Contestants Are finalized for the final race and in which of them one is going to become the Super Singer Popular Choice Award Winner.  SMS Short Code, Mobile Number and How to Send SMS mentioned inside. During the Period, the Audiences will on the basis of the total appeal, talent, performances of the Nominees cast their Vote for their favorite entrants. Super singer Popular Choice Award Winner Voting window has just opened. Super Singer Vote for Star Jalsha Grand Finale episode.

Voting for Super Singer Popular Choice is valid till Wednesday 30th September 2020. Star Jalsha Super Singer Vote for your favorite contestant will make one the Winner in a happening grand finale. Vote and support your favorite Super Singer 2020 Contestant in a Grand Finale.

Super Singer Vote | Star Jalsha | SMS Short Codes

To vote for their favorite Nominee(s) under this Contest, the Viewers shall send an SMS through their mobile number selecting the Voting Keywords allotted to their favourite Nominee in the prescribed format and /or any other format as prescribed on the Website from time to time during the Period to 9246033777 (“Vote”).

This SMS/Vote sent by the Viewer(s) will be deemed to be received when the Viewer receives a return message from the number 9246033777, “ Thank you for your Entry, Stay tuned to Star Jalsha. If you wish to receive different show updates from Star Jalsha then SMS “JALSHA YES” to 9246033777 ”.

Star Jalsha Voting Codes To SMS

Here we have mentioned the Super Singer Star Jalsha Voting Short Codes for the Contestants. Submit your Votes by Sending SMS to the Given number by typing following short codes and you are done.

Name of the Contestant - Voting Short Code / Keyword
Dilasha                           SS DIL
Deepmala                          SS DEE
Rajdeep                           SS RAJ
Shalini                          SS SHA
Sanchari                     SS SAN
Sroyee                          SS SHR

It is further clarified that at one time, each Viewer (s) shall be entitled to cast his/her Vote for his /her favorite Nominee under the Category of the Contest only once. For the purposes of the Contest, the Viewer(s) shall be required to cast his /her Vote for his/her favorite Nominee through SMS in the format and as per the voting code, i.e. Nominee Code as provided above,

 It is clarified that each Viewer can give only 1(one) Vote through SMS for a particular Nominee from one mobile number. Multiple votes for the same Nominee from single mobile number will be deemed invalid. However, for avoidance of doubt it is clarified that Viewer(s) shall be free to vote other Nominees under the same Category from the same mobile number simultaneously during the Period.

 For purposes of this Contest, “receipt” of Vote(s) occurs when the mobile/network operator records the Vote upon the Viewer(s) sending the SMS and the Viewer (s) receives a thank you message. Any automated receipt confirmation does not constitute proof of actual receipt.

Votes sent after the Period will not be considered and shall be deemed null and void without requirement of any further intimation by STAR India.

'সুপার সিঙ্গার পপুলার চয়েস'-এ ভোট করে জেতান আপনার প্রিয় প্রতিযোগীকে । এই সুযোগ মিস করবেন না কিন্তু । দেখতে থাকুন #SuperSinger | শনি - রবি 9:30 PM #StarJalsha #স্টারজলসা SuperSingerPopularChoice

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