Sunday, 22 September 2019

Super Singer Vote for Vaisakhan and Shivangi | 22nd September 2019 Episode

Star Vijay Television singing reality show super singer have nominations of two more singer contestants on 22 September 2019 episode. Vote for Nominated singer contestants Vaisakhan / Vaishakan and Shivangi/Shivaangi to save them from elimination next week. One of your favorite will be saved based on the public voting results.
shivangi vaisakhan

Vaishakan and Sivaangi nominated for this week. Submit your votes on google voting system online. Search the terms Super Singer Vote or Super Singer Voting or Super Singer 7 Vote. Click on the Image of any of between Vaishakhan and Shivangi. Submit your Votes by logging into your google account.

super singer vote for vaisakhan
super singer vote for shivangi / sivaangi
super singer vote vishagan
super singer vote vaishakan

Super Singer Voting | Shivangi - Vaisakhan| Online Voting
Vote to save your favorite contestant. You have 50 votes per day. Voting ends 12:00 PM on Tuesday.

Google has partnered with ASCPL to be an official voting method for Super Singer. Votes must be received by the end of the voting period. You have 50 votes per Google account per day.

Vaishakhan and Shivangi are one of the most talented singer contestants in a show. Vote and support your favorite to save from the elimination on 22 September 2019 episode voting system. Super Singer 7 Voting lines will remain open for the 3 days till Tuesday 12 pm. 

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