Sunday 30 June 2019

Super Singer Vote for Purnima and Roshini | Super Singer 7 Online Voting

Star Vijay Television aired Super Singer 7 reality show have the nominations of two more singer contestants this week. Vote and Support your favorite singer out of the nominated singer contestants Purnima and Roshini on 30th june 2019 episode.

Super Singer Vote for your favorite Singer Contestants on Star Vijay Television Channel. Google Voting System lines are opened for a Specific week. You can give 50 Votes per one google account.

Super Singer Vote for purnima
Super Singer Voting Online roshini
Super Singer vote for roshni

Keep watching Super Singer every Saturday and Sunday and Submit your Votes to your favorite one on Star Vijay Television Channel.


  1. I am not able to vote although I had logged in with Google etc., I used to vote in SSJ6 regularly in this site and now it is not letting me vote. Any one please?

  2. What is happening here? One week these 2 ladies were in the top getting 39 and 37 points and next week they are in the danger zone!!!!! Looks like the weaning process already started to keep 'their choice' clear of any contest!!